Experience, superior relationships, intelligence gathering, and quality research are the most significant source of our success and that of our clients. These four capabilities are the cornerstone of our strategic planning and process. They are the basis of our ability to manage desired outcomes, and we employ them to better understand our clients as well as the political and policy marketplace.

Our process requires knowing more and using what we know better, and using this core to our advantage. There are four components to the Long Nyquist approach.

The culture of Long, Nyquist and Associates is built on absolute accuracy. We have trained our minds to be the devil's advocate - to be skeptical, until we can subject our intelligence gathering and research to a meticulous confirmation process and rigorous testing.

Built around decades of inside, high-level experience, our relationships are both state-wide and national. We rely on our knowledge of the legislative and executive branches of government to craft a plan for clients' success. Long, Nyquist and Associates also assesses the prospects of our clients' competitors, believing we cannot truly gauge success for our clients without understanding the same for the competition.

Each client is unique, which is why we conduct our initial research and assessments separately, only then assembling that which was derived independently into a coherent and unified plan. It is a unique and highly successful approach that separates our firm from the pack.

In order to be successful, we must stay ahead of the game. Anyone can tell you what has happened. We work to find out what will happen and why. This critical skill is built through broad and deep relationships, tenacity, and shoe leather specifically designed to provide advance notice on events likely to shape the political and policy landscape.