Who We Are
Long, Nyquist & Associates traces its roots to the power centers of Pennsylvania State Government. Our founders, Mike Long and Todd Nyquist, each served as the Majority Staff Administrator - the top staff position - in the Pennsylvania Senate. Most of our professionals have served in senior staff positions within the Legislature. Since 1980, only seven members of the Senate's senior staff have been permitted to regularly attend the Senate Republican Caucus meetings. Two of them are on our team.

Relationships Are The Core
The calling card of Long, Nyquist & Associates is our relationships with important decision-makers and drivers of policy in the Executive and Legislative branches of government. We are well known for having the largest and deepest network in the government and public relations industry. Our professionals have served in federal, state, and local government. We work closely with our team and legislators and executive branch officials to produce superior political and policy intelligence, and results for our clients.

Broad Range Of Services
Our expertise ranges far beyond the typical government and public relations firm, extending to research, coalition building and management, grassroots management, issue management, communications, and media relations. We encourage our clients to take advantage of a broad range of our capabilities in order to produce superior outcomes. Our firm serves clients both large and small, prominent and private.

Sophisticated Strategic Planning
In managing relationships, we uniquely tailor each Long, Nyquist Plan to the individual client's goals, organizational culture, and special situation. However, in each case, our advice and strategic decisions are driven by experience, research, and a fundamental understanding of the political and policy situation. Our goal is to produce superior results while controlling political risk. Our clients get the best we have to offer, regardless of their size.

Comprehensive Reporting
Long, Nyquist & Associates is committed to the highest quality, detailed client communications. We provide monthly updates on strategy and performance, original research on topics ranging from tax policy, economics, commentary on the current political situation, and regular client briefings.

Long, Nyquist & Associates is proud of our history of creating value and achieving success and peace of mind on behalf of our clients. We are humbled by the trust our clients place in us to preserve and enhance their reputation and to advance their policy agenda. We are thankful for the confidence our clients have placed in our firm and our people and we hope you will seriously and thoughtfully consider becoming one.